6 Bizarre Objects Made From Human Skulls

They once housed our brains and were closely associated with our sensory organs. They’re skulls. And when empty of life they’re eerie artifacts of lives now lost. The things made from them strike us as weird, especially when there is no clear connection between the skulls and the objects created from them.

6 Pinhole Camera


Wayne Martin Belger’s Third-Eye Camera is made of the 150-year-old skull of a 13-year-old murdered Texas girl. To make his camera, Belger “drilled a pinhole into her forehead, and surrounded the opening with jewels in green, amber and maroon,” before cutting “the skull in half, near where the ears would be,” and slipping “the 4-by-5-inch film into this slot.”

The camera complete, Belger used it to photograph several landscapes, some of which look as bizarre as his camera.


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